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3Bee for bees, beekeepers, environment and local products

Welcome to the Hive-Tech era!
The technological hive capable of assessing the health of the bees helping the beekeeper to improve the management of his apiary and allowing him to propose a high quality honey.

Data from the world of beekeeping

So … what does 3Bee do?


A monitoring system for beekeeping
Hive-Tech is a device for hobbyist and professional beekeepers as well as researchers who want to take care of their beehives. The system interprets the needs of bees through special sensors placed within the monitored hive. You will be able to maximize the honey production by continuously monitoring the bees’ work in real time and from remote! In addition, with the 3Bee Starter Kit, even the early stage hobbyists will learn how to produce their own honey and breed healthy bees.

Adopt a beehive

Save the precious bees and taste Italian honey
Consumers and bees are even closer! All honey enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite honey! Choose the apiculture to be helped and adopt a beehive. You can monitor the trend of your bee colony by smartphones (or tablet and PC) and get the honey jars produced by it at the end of the season. By adopting this hive you will contribute to supporting and helping the precious bees!


Environmental biomonitoring activities

The biological data on bee health will be indicative of the quality of the surrounding environment, alerting in case of presence of harmful substances. By using the 3Bee technology, it will be possible to analyse the quality of the environment through the constant and capillary bee pollination work: flying from one flower to another, the bees will collect any harmful substances that will be analysed later on by Hive-Tech technology.

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