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Remote monitoring of bees from your mobile phone and plan interventions

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IoT based monitoring solutions

Anytime, anywhere, keep your hives monitored. The world's first system that doesn't require you to install an external SIM card! It works in 98% of the European territory.



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Sensor for beehives

"I repaid the product by reducing travel costs!"

- Giorgio P, Bilancia Singola

Real-time production

Follow the nectar flow, monitor the import level of your bees, locate the exact time to add remove melars and check the winter stocks

IoT Scale | GSM
IoT Scale | GSM
IoT Scale | GSM

Place it below your beehive and start monitoring weight. Check daily weight variations on your profile. No needs of external SIM

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Sensor for beehives
Sensor for beehives

Locate it in the middle of the nest, no disturbance to bees. Discover if the queen is healthy and if she is laying.

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3Bee APP
3Bee APP

Easy to use and cozy, in a moment you can discover production level and state of health. Monitor graphs in order to have precise informations. Add notes and plan operations

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"I detected swarming on time!"

- Marco G, Hive-Tech

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A team of beekeepers and engineers has developed a perfect platform for the needs of your apiary and your bees. A system tested for years, used in more than 5 European countries with technology derived from industrial and railway applications.

Remote monitoring

Events and treatments

Blooming and weather

Personal assistance

Remote monitoring

Login to your personal page and analyze the parameters of your beehive. Discover if production has started and if the queen is brooding. Don't be late on the field anymore! Optimize production up to the 20%!

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Remote monitoring

Partnership with large enterprise

Along last years, 3Bee established collaborations with large player. The objective is to optimize production, improve services and offer on the market an high performance product at low cost

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"I had some doubt on installations. However, guys answered me in 10 minutes and fixed all"

- Gianluca, E.

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