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The single-scale gets positioned under the hive. It works without the need of a SIM card. No strange or complicated procedures are required. It is perfect to evaluate the amount or the lack of stocks, thanks to its 80% in accuracy on the weight of the box!





Zero stress

Don't you want to charge the battery? Purchase our solar panel


Online and telephone support

free return

2 years warranty

Enables the sale of honey through 3Bee

First year free subscription

Supporto online e telefonico

Restituzione gratuita

Garanzia 2 anni

Abilita la vendita di miele tramite 3Bee

Subscription starts from 18 €/years

For the scale is not required an external SIM. As soon as the product is purchased, the systems is ready to be used. Basic subscription foresees that the scale weights 3 times per day and send data to the app once a day. In this way, you will be able to understand when to visit the beehives

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Thanks to 3Bee APP, you will not make wrong travels anymore

Monitor beehives parameters, weather conditions, add notifications, discovers if stocks are depleted and if bees are starving

Increase the production with 3Bee scales

  • Easy to install, start monitoring your beehives from your phone or pc

  • Optimize travels by monitoring honey production during flowering periods

  • Check local weather and forecasts with our satellites

  • Discover the most flowering areas and analyze the melliferous potential

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Easy to install, start monitoring your beehives from your phone or pc

Install it in 1 minute

Buy our scale, receive it at home and place it below beehive. Login to the APP through PC or Smartphone adding your serial number and wait for the first weighing


Raise beehive with one hand


Place the two rails below the box


Login to the APP and monitor the weight

Try our product!

We developed a new product that enable to monitor biological parametrs of your beehives. Measure temperature, humidity and sound of your bees. From this parameters you can detect swarming with high accuracy. Monitor if the queen is brooding and if there other problems

Users review

All comments are from real users

"Prodotto eccellente e assistenza veloce! Ho acquistato i loro sistemi due anni fa e fino ad oggi sono niente da ridire. Fighissimo"

- Luca A, Hive-Tech

Hive-Tech Technical Specifications

Box content
  • 2 x Weighing rail

  • Sensors to be positioned within the beehive

  • Solar panel

  • USB cable for charging

  • Connecting cable of 1 meter between the 2 rails - on request 2 meters

  • Instruction manual and CE certification

  • Water protection connectors

  • Antenna GSM base

APP compatibility

All mobile phones and computers with browsers updated at least 1 year. We recommend using Chrome for excellent performance.

Possible upgrades

Dual scale, enhanced antenna, internal sensors for humidity-temperature-sound

Countries of operations

Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Moldova, Romania, Croatia, United Kingdom, etc

Weight and size
  • Size: 2 x 50cm L x 5cm H x 6cm W

  • Weight: 1600g

  • Maximum beehive weight: 300kg

  • Maximum pallet weight: 700kg


Device works for 3 months without recharging

  • Recharge it with USB charger

  • o Through a power bank

  • o With machine adapter

  • o with the USB of a computer

Operating temperature

Optimal range: -10° to 40°

GSM connectivity

The connection is provided by 3Bee through a proprietary protocol that allows the reduction of user-side costs.

  • 2 x 75 kg load cells for the base and 300 kg for the pallet

  • Sensor for temperature

  • Sensor for battery status and signal strength


2 jacks for connection to sensors or to the second rail


2 years warranty with free repairs

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