Do you wonder everyday about your bees’ health?
Hive-Tech is your solution!

Do you want to increase your production?
You can save time and money with 3Bee!

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A device and an APP
for your hives

Hive-Tech is available for every beekeepers that want to increase their productivity with the help of the data acquired by our systems. Hive-Tech allows to deeply understand and monitor bees’ needs, recording data about weight, temperature, humidity, and sounds. The device is lightweight, it doesn’t bother bees and can be easily carried and installed in every kind of hive. The device can be completely self-powered by solar energy. Hive-Tech can be used by everyone, even by users with no computer skills!

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→ 50 g resolution
→ It weighs half a hive
SIM included & Free subscription
→ Accessibility: PC / Tablet / Smartphone

Scale and sensors

→ Weight: 25g resolution
→ Inner temperature, Sound intensity, Humidity
SIM included & Free subscription
→ Accessibility: PC / Tablet / Smartphone

Anti-theft device

→ Dimensions: 25 mm x 25 mm x 150 mm
→ No hive modification required
→ Battery > 1 year
→ USB recharge or battery replacement
→ SIM included & Subscription 50 euro/year
→ Accessibility: PC / Tablet / Smartphone
→ Alerts: Web App, Mail, Whatsapp!

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3Bee’s production is made in series at industrial level to guarantee high quality and low prices