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3Bee, leader in developing digital solutions for livestock farms, offers Hive-Tech: a low-cost, digital solution for your beehives. Thanks to 3Bee APP it is possible to manage beehives, optimize treatments and improve productivity

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Increase production

Stop wasting honey

Your beehive, always connected. Monitor your production, tracks all the avents, you will be ready for swarming! The only offer in the world with free APP for beehives management

Production start

Production end

Swarming alert


Queen status

Production start

Do not miss the arrival of the blooms, every day you lose 2-3Kg per hive!

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Save and earn

Discover all the functionalities

3Bee allows to monitor beehive internal parameters, enhance productivity and avoid theft! Moreover, 3Bee offers an innovative service: enable selling your honey at retail price

Once installed, you have the opportunity to sell your honey. No wholesaler who stops by and the possibility of reaching customers throughout Italy.

Save money

No more thefts

Make money

Save money
Optimise your honey production

Do you want to avoid trips for nothing? Get help from 3Bee for the laying of the supers. You will experiment considerable savings.



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Save money
blooms and vegetative areas

The only solution in the world to discover flowering areas

Lots of trips and bets to find the best location for your bees? Get help from 3Bee, thanks to our system we analyze satellite images and find the area with the greatest flowering.

You will be able to compare different locations for beehives and analyze potential productivity. TRY IT NOW

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Feedings and treatments

Do you have to prepare the syrup and you get crazy with the doses?

Among the many features is the syrup calculator, with doses, tips and tricks on how and when to feed your hives.

Kg sugar \ l Water

1 beehivee


1.00 litres of hive syrup



Kg of sugar


Liters of water


Pre-flowering stimulant or early feeding in spring
Get adopted your beehives

Get adopted your beehives

Have you ever thought to sell your honey from your home? Gaining the same price you are able to earn at the market? No management costs and shipping costs!

You will have only to care about packaging and waiting for the courier. Shipment are planned 4 times per year, only in period with few commitments

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Useful for all the activities of the apiary

Thanks to 3Bee sensors it is possible to monitor beehives all year round

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Monitor honey level within the beehive, control the state of health of the colony.

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3BEE Flowering - Thanks to 3Bee APP you can find out the optimal location to place Beehives.

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Flowering are starting! Stop wasting Honey thanks to 3Bee monitoring system!

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Wait the optimal moment to provide treatments to the bees thanks to 3Bee support.


Utilizzalo come gestionale per la tua attività

Add your apiaries and beehives, add notes and events on the calendar

  • Analyze weather forecast
  • Add controls on the quantity of Varroa
  • Calculate syrup quantity
  • Add an event to your calendar
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Hive-Tech per la gestione da remoto dei tuoi alveari
Hive-Tech for your beehives

Monitor honey production, analyze strenght of the colony and plan operations in a precise way

Bilancia Singola per pesare alveari IoT GSM
single scale to weigh your hives from a distance

With our app and our unique SIM-free scale, you can always monitor the weight of your hive.

Discover all products and costs

Pre-order it so as you can receive it as soon as possible! A low-cost device easy to be installed. It will help you in all daily activities.

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